Projects — Business cases

24. October 2018

“E-Food” with the foodmailer® for high-quality steaks

We order (almost) everything online nowadays – from our clothes to hygiene products, perfumes, jewellery, interior articles and much more. Why not also do the […]
23. October 2018

Twin-level box noticeably increases sales

  Our patented twin-level box provides for an attractive presentation of your goods on two levels. When the box is put together, a small pedestal […]
23. October 2018

Building brands through packaging – best practice from Austria

How does a manufacturer of cleaning agents manage not only to attract the attention of potential customers on the shelf, but also achieve a high […]
23. October 2018

Optimised shelving crates

With this new development from packit!, material and costs have been saved while fully satisfying all customer requirements at the same time. The highlight of […]
30. August 2018

Sausage experience by post

You’ve heard of the sausage letter, right? After all, it’s real! And it can be found in the online shop of the Böbel Butchery. The Franconian […]