twin secure

The latest generation double-wall board

High stability, low volume and no washboard effect – three aspects that are reconciled thanks to twin secure. A 50% higher stability index with the same volume. A direct comparison of twin secure Small (TSS) to the conventional B-wave already shows it all: twin secure is the latest generation double-wave, because it:

  • offers top stacking safety and best isolating characteristics in the cold chain,
  • loses no stability in the damp cold storage environment,
  • reduces logistics and transport costs due to smaller volumes,
  • is optimal for offset printing due to the outer e-wave,
  • allows for more affordable design changeovers compared to flexo printing,
  • fulfills the low migration standard for food products thanks to the use of fresh fibre paper and appropriate dyes,
  • is supplied in FSC® as well; twin secure is available in three material grades:
    twin secure Small (TSS), twin secure Medium (TSM) and twin secure Large (TSL).

Our special multi-level display box in twin secure is ideal for the transport and presentation of meat and sausage products. The integrated level folds up automatically during the assembling and visibly improves your sales. A patented mechanism prevents products at the higher levels from falling down.