Friut cup

Fruit Protector

Containers for direct contact with food

Always be on the safe side: Our Fruit Protector containers have been specially designed as well as tested for direct contact with food products and with regard to migration. They remain below the stipulated measurement limits in all areas. Through the use of fresh fibre paper without optical lighteners or mineral oils on the inside, the low migration standard is guaranteed.

Das können wir Ihnen auch durch folgende Zertifikate bestätigen:

We can also attest this with the following certificates:

  • Declaration of no objection for low migration dyes and varnishes.
  • Declaration of conformity of the FRUIT PROTECTOR line with regard to contact with food products.
  • ISEGA Certificate in which the FRUIT PROTECTOR line was tested using Tenax for the migration of mineral oils and other critical materials.
  • In comparison with other compositions for food containers, Fruit Protector was the only one in which all values remained below measurement limits.
  • Upon request, we can also deliver the containers FSC®-certified.
  • Certificate FSC-SGS-COC-007615