packit! expanded production hall

We will be expanding the production hall in Waldneukirchen by a further 6,500 m2 by the end of the year and installing a new, ultra-modern corrugated cardboard system together with new processing machines and a robotic palletizer.

This investment will not only increase the efficiency of the production site, but also facilitate new products and services. A photovoltaic plant will also be installed, which will help absorb costly consumption peaks alongside the supply of “green” power. In addition to the measures already implemented and in existence, we are hereby taking great steps towards the target of producing our packages CO2 neutral.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Further information on IWB / ERDF can be found at

Our packaging - your success - and with an intact environment! Just another reason to opt for packit!

See the weekly progress of the construction works here.

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